International Quartet Academy

International Quartet Academy

For five days, the town of Vic will become an international benchmark for study and furthering in the speciality of the string quartet and other string and piano ensembles. The classes will be given by the QUARTET CASALS and the repertoire to be worked on will be chosen freely by each ensemble taking part.

The project will be completed with the classes given by the QUARTET GERHARD to string quartets and other string and piano ensembles formed by conservatory students.

Following this immersion, on Friday 16 and Saturday 17 July, L’Atlàntida, Centre d’Arts Escèniques d’Osona, will offer two open concerts to all citizens by the Quartet Casals, the Quartet Gerhard and with the participation too of some of the student quartets of the Quartet Casals. The students of the Quartet Gerhard will offer a concert on Sunday 18 July in Joan Anglada auditorium.

Besides, the students will give musical performances in different places in the town of Vic during the days of the International Quartet Academy Vic 2021.

Quartet Casals

Quartet Gerhard