VIII International Quartet Academy -Vic 2024

VII International Quartet Academy - Vic 2023

Enrolment form for Abel Tomàs’ master classes

Please specify tittle and author of each piece.

The payment will be carried out through bank transfer to the account ES70-2100-1112-8502-0017-5779. Please write down the name and surname of each member of the ensemble. The payment deadline is 2024, May, the 6th. You are requested to send the bank slip to [email protected]. The enrolment will only be effective when all ensemble members have formalized their deposit.

The price includes all lunches from July, the 16th to the 19th.

If any of the members of the ensemble is a minor, it will be necessary to send the following documents to [email protected] before 2024 May, the 6th:

  • Minor authorization document, download here
  • ID of the student
  • ID of the parents or legal tutor
  • Health card of the student

If any of the ensemble members has any kind of food allergy or is a vegetarian or a vegan, please indicate so in the section “Additional information”. It will not be possible to change the foreseen menus if we are not informed previously.

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