Who are we?

Who are we?

L’Atlàntida is a cultural complex that integrates two municipal services, a music school and conservatory (EMVIC) and a performing arts centre (CAE). L’Atlàntida is therefore a municipal facility that provides interactive services for training, exhibitions and support for creation and production in the field of music and performing arts.

The joint management of both centres is intended to generate synergies that enrich and improve the services that each unit would provide separately.

Being a municipal service of regional projection that provides public services brings with it the will and the effort to ensure that all citizens of Vic and its local area can benefit.

Mission, vision, values and general objectives

L’Atlàntida’s mission is to provide the citizens of Vic and its local community with training, exhibition and support for creation and production in the field of performing arts and music.

L'Atlàntida’s view is to become a benchmark cultural unit for the citizens of Vic and its region, projected throughout the country to help their personal and community development supporting identity and social cohesion.

The main values on which it is based are:

  • The contribution of the practice of live arts to personal and community development.
  • Education as a practice that helps citizens throughout life to realize themselves and develop their life project.
  • Knowledge, respect, solidarity and cooperation among citizens as key factors in enriching coexistence.
  • Active participation in improving their social reality and democratic governance.
  • Creativity and innovation as competences to achieve personal and community goals.

L'Atlàntida’s general objectives are:

  • To contribute to helping citizens access a training offer in the field of music and performing arts, either through its own services or provided in collaboration with the city’s other stage and musical facilities, and to channel students interested in professionalising in these areas towards specialised training centres.
  • In collaboration with the city’s other stage and musical facilities, to offer citizens a stable, quality and diverse programme that meets their interests and needs, including local and other market productions, and to be accessible to all.
  • In collaboration with the city’s other stage and musical facilities, to offer services and resources to support the creation and production of local agents in the field of performing arts and music.
  • To collaborate with other cultural and social agents in the local development and the improvement of the citizens’ quality of life.
  • To participate in the initiatives of the City Council, especially in the areas of Education, Culture and Tourism, which promote the city’s cultural, social and economic development.

Positioning of L'Atlàntida in the city's performing and musical system

L’Atlàntida is a municipal facility that develops the indicated mission in concurrence with other public facilities in the city, and especially with the Civic Centres, the Theatre Institute, the Espai ETC, the Orfeó and others occasionally used.
L'Atlàntida’s functional niche can be defined at two levels: the specific functions and the shared.

L'Atlàntida’s specific functions are:

  • To provide a stable medium and large format programme in performing arts and music according to the established quality and diversity criteria to meet the citizens’ interests and needs.
  • To additionally offer a programme of excellence projected nationally in the field of music.
  • To develop the teaching, creation and diffusion of the music school and conservatory, and to give them social visibility.
  • To host large-scale citizen activities organised by others, which are of general interest.

The functions shared with other facilities are:

  • To offer a meeting place for citizens, to promote a first contact with the performing arts and music and develop the interest in these practices.
  • To host rehearsals and the local agents’ other creation and production activities.
  • To host activities of the city's schools.
  • To host small-scale activities in performing arts and music or other activities of interest to the citizens.