International Quartet Academy Enrolment Form - VIC 2022 - Oliver Wille

International Quartet Academy - VIC 2022

Classes will be taught in English.

Registration deadline: May 20, 2022

Oliver Wille student enrolment form

Please specify tittle and author of each piece.

The payment will be carried out through bank transfer to the account ES70-2100-1112-8502-0017-5779. Please write down the name and surname of each member of the ensemble. The payment deadline is 2022, May, the 20 th . You are requested to send the bank slip to [email protected] The enrolment will only be effective when all ensemble members have formalized their deposit.

All ensembles should also send a brief bio and a group picture to [email protected]

The price includes all lunches from July, the 19th to the 22th.

If any of the members of the ensemble is a minor, it will be necessary to send the following documents to [email protected] before May, the 20th:

  • Minor authorization document, download here
  • ID of the student
  • ID of the parents or legal tutor
  • Health card of the student

If any of the ensemble members has any kind of food allergy or is a vegetarian or a vegan, please indicate so in the section “Additional information”. It will not be possible to change the foreseen menus if we are not informed previously.

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