International Quartet Academy

Quartet Casals

Before completing their enrolment, string quartets and other ensembles wishing to take part in the course given by the Quartet Casals must send the curriculum of the ensemble and a WeTransfer link with a recording of the ensemble performing to movements of known works (the video must last between 14 and 20 minutes) to [email protected].

From all candidate ensembles, the Quartet Casals will choose up to a maximum of 6 ensembles. The ensembles not selected by the Quartet Casals due to availability, will be offered the possibility of working with the Quartet Gerhard.

  • Deadline for enrolments: 15 May 2021
  • Maximum number of participating ensembles: 6 ensembles
  • ensembles 8 classes (1:30 hours)
  • The repertoire to be worked on will be free choice
  • Price per quartet or ensemble of more members: €325 / musician (not including accommodation)
  • Price of string trio: 350 € / musician (not including accommodation)

To consult the biography of the Quartet Casals click here.

Summary of the course calendar

  • Vera Martínez and Jonathan Brown will give classes 14, 15 and 16 July
  • Abel Tomàs and Arnau Tomàs will give classes 15, 16 and 17 July
  • Wednesday 14 July: welcome and classes
  • Thursday 15 July (morning and afternoon): classes
  • Friday 16 July (morning and afternoon): classes and concert
  • Saturday 17 July (morning): classes and concert