Oscar Wille

String quartets or other formations wishing to participate in the course to be taught by Oliver Wille, before formalizing the registration must send to: [email protected], the curriculum of the formation in English and a WeTransfer link containing a video recording of the training performing two movements of contrasting works (the video should last approximately 14 to 20 minutes). Accepted courses must complete the online form.

From all the bands presented, Oliver Wille will select up to 4 groups. Formations not selected by Oliver Wille, subject to availability, will be offered the opportunity to work with the Gerhard Quartet.

  • Deadline for enrolments: 20 May 2022
  • Maximum number of participating ensembles: 4 ensembles
  • Each ensemble will receive 7 classes (5 75-minute classes with Oliver Wille and 2 with the Gerhard Quartet)
  • The repertoire to be worked on will be free choice
  • Price per quartet or ensemble of more members: €280 / musician (not including accommodation)
  • Price of string trio: 320 € / musician (not including accommodation)

To view the Oliver Wille resume, click here.

Summary of the course calendar

  • Oliver Wille will give a class on 18-19-20-21-22
  • Monday, July 18: training reception (14:00)

  • Monday, July 18 (afternoon): classes

  • Tuesday, July 19 (morning): classes

  • Wednesday, July 20 (morning): classes

  • Thursday, July 21 (afternoon): classes and conference / colloquium at 8 p.m.

  • Friday, July 22 (afternoon): classes and concert at 8 p.m.